Southern District : Never-never land is a dreamy and fantastic world to visit.
There is a tribe called “Neo-Nadeshiko’s” wearing Kimono, communicate with animals and other creatures, and they even use magics.
You will find a lot of stories of them here as we cut out the scenes and turn those into art cards, framed arts, art prints or canvas board. Enjoy the feeling to be a witness seeing this magical place!

Mini Art (unframed)

Size : Postcard size (14.8×10.5cm)
Price : RM20/art
*Printed on 300gsm high quality paper

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Framed Mini Art

Size : Slightly smaller than Postcard size to fit to the frame
Price : RM30/art including the frame
*Printed on 300gsm high quality paper

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Canvas Art

Size : 40x40cm, 43x30cm
Price : RM160

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Portrait on Canvas

Size : 40x40cm Price : Rm350
Size : 60x60cm Price : Rm550
Size : 100x100cm Price : Rm650
Size : 120x60cm Price : Rm650

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Picture-Books by Norico Chua

A Cake Reaching to the Sky : Rm25
The Werewolf and His Moon : Rm35
The Yellow Lion and the Blue Lion : Rm35
The Locket Caterpillar : Rm15
The Moonlight Princess : Rm12