Art Print / Canvas Print : A Giant and Sheep in various sizes


There will be 4 variations to print this soothing and lovely art piece.

*It might have slight differences on each illustrations to fit to the sizes


1.  Mini Art(unframed)

2. Mini Art(framed)

3. Art Print (A4)

4. Canvas Print (43x30cm)


Add a dreamy and magical accent to your room.
Would be a great gift as well.




All illustrations has poem along with.


“The Giant and sheep”

That was the day of a fair in summer
I’m not sure who I was holding hand, mother or sister
Worrying my father isn’t lost behind us
Lively crowd, and cotten candy
The voices aren’t clear
I was in a state of euphoria
Couldn’t seem to get to sleep
Look into the dark and find out
The giant was releasing infinite sheep
into the ocean of the sleepless night
Such a scary n’ gentle night
That was the day of a fair in summer

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