Art Print / Canvas Print : The Guardian Angel in various sizes


There will be 4 variations to print this soothing and lovely art piece.

*It might have slight differences on each illustrations to fit to the sizes


1.  Mini Art(unframed)

2. Mini Art(framed)

3. Art Print (A4)

4. Canvas Print (43x30cm)


Add a dreamy and magical accent to your room.
Would be a great gift as well.




All illustrations has poem along with.


”The Guardian Angel”

The lady of Autmn had gone
Now north wind acting as if he owned the place
The seed makes its body shrink
and waits under the ground for long
The seed holds itself to bubble over
with expectation
to sprout in Spring

You are precious
and your new beginnings are also precious
The girl wins over a raging bull
will release a talismanical arrow
to those who try to harm you
And she welcome new year dashingly

A Happy New Year
Wishing you a blissful and
healthy, wealthy
time for you

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