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Hello there, Sending warm greetings from Nowhereland, a tiny kingdom brought to life by two creators.

Meet a farmer hailing from Cameron Highland, specializing in cultivating gerberas and eucalyptus. His inquisitive nature is relentless when it comes to enhancing the quality of his produce. Notably, he has achieved great success in crafting homemade pure essential oil extracted from his meticulously grown, high-quality eucalyptus.

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She is from a faraway land and came to marry a flower farmer in Cameron Highlands. Currently, she is in charge of an online flower shop. As an artist and designer, she handles all the designs, photo-shoots, and drawings related to anything about Nowhereland. Having published five picture-books in Malaysia and her books have been translated into numerous languages, reaching a global audience.

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We have dreams. Despite living as ordinary individuals in a corner of Asia, we may not have the power to save the world, but we believe that our flowers can bring happiness to someone. Flowers have a magical ability to brighten our spirits, soothe us, and bring a positive outlook, not just for weddings, anniversaries, or special occasions, but even for the simple act of adorning a table. That’s why our concept is ‘Bringing flowers closer to your everyday life.’

We offer sets and products that are easy to choose for both those who love flower arrangements and those who have never decorated with flowers before. We deliver freshly picked flowers directly from the source, carefully packaged to your doorstep!