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Warm greetings from Nowhere Land !

Nowhere Land is a tiny kingdom created by two creators.

One is a farmer born in Cameron Highland.
Manly he is harvesting gerberas and eucalyptus. He will never run out of inquisitive mind for quality enhancement.
He succeeded to produce homemade pure essential oil extracted from his well-grown & fine quality eucalyptus.

One is an artist from Japan. Published 5 picture-books in Malaysia and also published in Korea, Philippine, and Japan. Her books are translated to several languages.
Her art pieces are described as special mix of dreaminess and precision, shapes often suggesting more than one thing at once in a very poetic way, and beautiful rich colours and textures.

The world view of Nowhere Land is a little kingdom which is located at an unpredictable place somewhere in Cameron Highlands.
There are several districts at Nowhere Land.
Northern district is called as “Eucarhino” where filled with rich Eucalyptus field and ruled by a Rhinoceros, EucaRhino.
Southern district is “Never-never Land” where all dreamy things happen and magical stories are born everyday.
Western district is “Sweets Forest” where all those cookie animals live.
Eastern district is the “wilderness area” where many different unique tribes are scattered and live.
Center district is “Crocodile Lake” where a huge crocodile with a silk hat lives in.
You might see the whole picture of the kingdom if you are lucky enough when you visit Cameron.


The online shop Nowhere Land is introducing all the product from each districts and selling a little something extra from Northern and Southern District. (Homemade pure essential eucalyptus oils from Eucarhino and art pieces from Never-never Land)

Two creators are a farmer and an artist in real life besides being the king and the queen of Nowhere Land.
Flowers, playgrounds, bugs, cats, bakings… as you can imagine, the lifestyle in Cameron Highland is simple and relaxed. And it is also inspirational.
Please feel free to peek our country life-style at the gallery below 🙂

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