Western District : Sweets Forest is the forest made by candies, chocolates, cookies and cakes.
Himawari-chan & Oyama-kun are siblings who pull a residence group together. They are all skillful carpenters to build up candy houses for the custom-order from residents.
The cookies we bake are in the shape of those animal carpenters using their natural ingredients from the forest.
You can find those not online, but in the real shop. (*Real shop will be ready by end of 2025.)

What’s so special about Mommy’s Bakery ‘s sweets?

  • Natural ingredients, no food colourings
  • All home made
  • Cute and yummy!

    *All those sweets will be available at Nowhereland gallery and souvenir shop(will be completed end of 2025)


All cookies are originally designed by Mommy’s Bakery.
The beginning of the story was a mommy wanted to bake something cute, unique and special for her children.
As she expected, they like those animals so much and of course, the taste is great too!
You can enjoy them with a cup of coffee or tea at the eat-in space of Nowhereland gallery and souvenir shop.
It would be a unique and great souvenir/gift from Cameron Highlands too 🙂


There are 4 flavors: Chocolate, Banana, Maccha with white chocolate, Tea

All those are made from natural ingredients as well.
The delicious mimi-cakes are wrapped nicely to be a pleasant gift as souvenir from Cameron Highaldnds!

Of course, for you to taste it at the gallery too 😀