Eastern district is the “wilderness area” where many different unique tribes are scattered and live.
Wilderness area is indeterminate place. We are not perceiving how many and which kind of tribes, people or any creatures are hidden in this area yet.
Whenever we discovered new about them, we will list out to introduce to you.

There you go!
One of the concept of our shop beside “Gifts from Cameron Highlands” is “Japanese Handmade Market”. This page introduce you artists and crafters who are from Japan.
As we stated in somewhere that “we concern about originality & quality”, all name on the list is that we see and find value on their products with its quality.
Although their product is not available at 無処国 -nowhere land- online shop, we will deal in those in our actual shop which is under construction due for completion in 2021.
For now, you can access to their website/SNS/email or any contacts they provide 🙂