Greetings from Cameron Highalnds!

We are starting a blog to share the world view of Nowhereland, a tiny little imaginary kingdom known as a fresh flower shop in online platform in Malaysia.

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We are flower farmers in a remote countryside, and while we cannot provide trendy fashion information or introduce luxurious destinations, our heartfelt wish is to share the beauty of the flowers we diligently cultivate with as many people as possible.
We hope that through their journey, small moments of happiness can blossom.

We’d be happy if you could get to know Nowhereland through our posts about flowers, comics, and original art.

We’ll also occasionally share stories about our cats and what life is like in the countryside of Cameron Highlands.

As we prioritize developing quality flowers and providing excellent service, we’ll handle things here at a comfortable pace ( ᐢ ᵕ ᐢ ).