Shower of Creativity

In previous post, I talked about the fulfilling class with the rather strict teacher.

This time, there was another teacher.
After learning flower arranging all day long for few years in the UK, she returned to Japan and has been providing community-based lessons locally.
There’s this unique aura about people who’ve returned from abroad. The lessons with her were truly enjoyable, two days filled with lively chatter.

In her class, it was more like ‘as the student pleases.’
Of course, she provided the basics and key points, then encouraged me to try everything based on what she taught.

Since I thoroughly learned bouquets from another teacher, what I wanted to learn from this teacher were wreaths and floral arrangements. On the first day, we worked on wreaths using oasis floral form and basic floral arrangements.

Isn’t it adorable? Flowers really lift one’s spirits! When you put them in a basket, they become even more prettier.

Is this in the style of England, maybe?
Recently, I’ve been really fond of the trendy Korean style, it’s so pretty!
But when it comes to this kind of traditional, or should I say classic style, it’s enduringly beloved, I think, because of its beauty.

Above is the creation from the first day’s lesson. It was incredibly enjoyable.

On the second day, I combined dried Helichrysum and Statice. We cultivate Statice in our farm, so this lesson was particularly meaningful to me as I had wanted to create a wreath using our own flowers.

Oh well, statice can be this cute?
I always thought of it as a supporting flower for the main one, but it turns out to be fantastic in a wreath. The round form of the Helichrysum is simply the best. Can you believe such a wonderful combination exists? I’m amazed at my own creation, ha-ha!

In another floral arrangement, I boldly used whole hydrangea blooms.
I absolutely love hydrangeas, especially the green ones.
The lesson on the second day started with selecting the flowers, so it took quite some time.
I even spent an hour just choosing the flowers at the flower shop.
The teacher praised me saying, ‘You’ve made a really great choice with the flowers!’
She’s good at giving compliments and nurturing, so even though I shouldn’t let it get to my head, it made me happy☺️

Here is what I arranged with the flowers I selected.

I’m quite pleased with the color combinations, how about you?
I had a meeting with my mentor on the day I made these, so I gave this as one of the souvenirs.
There’s a candle in the middle, and my mentor made a comical comment, ‘When you light the candle, won’t the leaves on the sides burn like Japanese pampas grass?’ I just gracefully ignored it 😂.

Creating these pieces is truly enjoyable.
The last post was about input, while this one is more about output.

Alright, that’s all for my report of flower arrangement lessons in Japan.
Thank you for reading!