Soon to Meet you!

Finally, the big day is tomorrow – the market is all set to go.

I’d heard that it wouldn’t be some massive affair, so I was thinking maybe around 20 stalls or so.
But it turns out there’s going to be around 60 stalls, wow!
Needless to say, my excitement has gone up a few notches. I mean, they’ve got many things from handmade sweets, food & beverages, accessories, fashion, nail polish and art goods!
It sounds like a blast.

Last month, I was all geared up to take part in an art market.
The whole idea was art and picture books, so I was planning to showcase our picture books and artwork as the main attraction. And hey, I was even planning to toss in some flowers as a sweet bonus for the people who dropped by.

But, you know how life is – the day before the big show, my husband was driving us from Cameron Highlands to Kuala Lumpur and suddenly, he just wasn’t feeling well.
Talk about a close call, we had to make a last-minute decision to bail out.
If it was just a tiny cold, we might’ve still pulled it off, but here’s the kicker: he had been in the hospital the week before😭

It felt pretty bad, you know? We’d been shouting from the rooftops about our booth, and then we had to back out on all those people who were looking forward to seeing us.
But when we weighed the options – risking a car accident by pushing through, the chance of my husband getting worse and ending up in an even tighter spot – we made a call.
We reached out to the organizers pronto, explained the situation, and offered our apologies.
And believe it or not, they were totally understanding. They weren’t mad at all – genuinely concerned, actually.
I can’t thank them enough.

My husband’s back on his feet now, back to work and all.

Anyway, enough about the drama from last time.

This time, we get ourselves in good shape and give it our best shot.. we’re focusing on flowers.
We’ve got some top-notch eucalyptus, Thlaspi which we are the only grower for, a variety of gerberas, statices that are perfect for those dried flower fans, cheerful sunflowers, and cute little berries 🙂

So, get ready to enjoy the vibe of the “flower shop run by a flower farmer from the mountains”!
See you really soon!