Agile, Gentle and a Little Dumb

I set up this section to gradually introduce the cats that have been or are currently part of our family.
It’s also a place for me to jot down any interesting moments that come to mind about them.

The title reflects our cat, Jojo, to introduce for the first time.
Jojo was the third cat to join us, but he’s become our longest companion.

We received Jojo from my brother-in-law’s friend’s aunt.
Initially, we intended to keep him as an indoor cat. However, he had an uncanny ability to escape no matter what methods we used, and his agility made it nearly impossible to keep him inside a house.
Eventually, we gave up and transitioned to keeping him in the yard.

Luckily, he’s a cat that always finds his way back home. It seems like he recognizes our place as his home.

There are a considerable number of stray dogs around our area (a common sight in Malaysia), but Jojo’s movements are akin to that of a ninja. He leaps from tree to tree, using parked cars’ tires as effective camouflage, skillfully evading the dogs.

Yet, once he’s back near our home, he starts meowing in a sweet and affectionate tone (probably his version of “I’m home!”).
The moment he enters the house, he switches into lazy mode.

He always approaches with his eyes half-closed, making a purring sound, and then flops onto the ground!
He waits eagerly to be petted. When we’re too busy to stroke him, his surprised expression and the way he looks at us with a “huh?” is quite amusing. (he wanna say like “huh? Why don’t you pet me?”) It’s not really a “huh?” moment, but it’s funny how he acts surprised every time😂

He gets along so well with our resident cat Coco, it’s like they’re brothers.
Both of them have gentle personalities, so watching them interact has been truly heartwarming.
Jojo sticks by Coco’s side all the time, following him around.
They even went through neutering surgery together, and I remember them both getting woozy from the anesthesia and then recovering together, full of energy…

I remember when Coco suddenly disappeared from this world, Jojo recalled searching for Coco.
For a while, it felt like he was waiting for Coco, and my heart felt tight seeing that.

I wonder if he still remember Coco now. Maybe he has already forgotten.
But if he could see Coco again, would he remember? Writing this makes me feel like I’m about to cry.

Jojo is truly peaceful, and I like the slightly dumb aspect.
I hope he will live long-life. Long and good one.