Meeting “Maru”

Today, we introduced the first story of our comic series, “Meeting Maru.”

“Maru” is our adorable house cat, and you can learn about our cats’ background here.
At this category, we’ll be sharing glimpses of the daily life of the fictional characters based on us in Nowhereland.

“Maru” has a charmingly unconventional appearance that some might call “BUSAKAWA(cute in an unconventional way in Japanese).”
This endearing quality provides ample comic material for our storylines.
Despite their somewhat intense gaze and tough exterior, “Maru” has a heart of gold, revealing a surprising and delightful contrast. Everything he does is cute and funny!

Interestingly, “Maru” belongs to the British Shorthair breed, but he seem to have his own unique size that sets him apart from other British Shorthairs.
He radiates a certain majesty that can only be compared to a heavyweight SUMO champion in the world of cats😂

We hope you’ll continue to enjoy the adventures of Maru, Jojo, the other cat, and the inhabitants of Nowhereland, including us.
Our comic will be presented in both English and Japanese, allowing more readers to join the fun.