Toy Cafe

This category will be dedicated to the daily life of the Nowhereland Family. We’ll talk about things from the past and might pull out old photos, so the timeline isn’t necessarily linear.

Now, in our backyard, there’s a small cafe called Toy Cafe.
Even though it’s referred to as a cafe, it’s something we set for the the kids when they were very young.

Play area for the kids → Cat house → Storage shed → Play area

In this way, with its purpose evolving over time, it eventually settled into being a play area for the kids. It was completed a few years ago, and the one who created it was a young Japanese backpacker who was traveling the world at the time.

Due to the overlap with the COVID-19 pandemic, he couldn’t leave the country and ended up staying at our guesthouse for almost a year.
During his stay, he not only crafted the café but also built bookshelves, desks, and tables for our house. We’re truly grateful for all the help and support he provided during that time.

When it was being used for the cats, we even put up mesh on the windows.
However, it turned out that the cats preferred the cardboard boxes outside, and they didn’t spend much time inside😢

During its brief stint as a storage shed, it became quite messy.
Yet, considering how beautifully it was initially constructed, it felt like a waste.
So, we decided to go for cleaning session.

Thankfully, it was restored to its former glory, and now when our kids’ friends come over, they all play together in the cafe.