My Heart’s Companion

Today, I have a special cat story to share with you. (Please be aware that it’s a sad story about a cat passing away, so if you’re sensitive to this topic, you may want to skip it.)

His name was Coco, and if you saw the top image, you’d agree that he was an incredibly sleek and cool-looking cat, right? Coco was truly unique and wonderful.

Before we met Coco, we had brought home another kitten for the first time.
That kitten was very active and mischievous around the house, and the kids were overjoyed to have such an adorable little furball in the house for the first time.
However, just a week later, the kitten hid under our car as we were about to leave and somehow managed to hitch a ride. When we arrived at our destination, she bolted and escaped.

We searched high and low every day but couldn’t find her. Our oldest son was the most heartbroken and cried every day.

Seeing his nephew so upset, my husband’s brother took it upon himself to find a kitten that resembled the one that had run away.

That kitten turned out to be Coco.

Coco was much calmer and gentler than the previous kitten. He was so incredibly cute, and the kids fell in love with him right away.

Cats grow quickly. As Coco transitioned from being a kitten to an adult, his territory expanded steadily. Even though he was an indoor cat, he managed to sneak into the yard, so we made it possible for him to move between the yard and the house.

By this time, Jojo had already joined the family, and the two of them, with their gentle personalities, became very close friends.

Coco was a smart and gentlemanly cat, while Jojo was a bit more easygoing and laid-back.
It was like having a clumsy little brother who followed around a cool older sibling.
Over time, the two of them started going for walks around the neighborhood.

Coco would come home every day without fail and lounge around the house.
Even when they were out, if you called out, “Coco,” he would come running back from wherever he was. I think Coco was very clever; it felt like he understood my feelings.
I used to think, “When the kids grow up and leave, it would be nice to live a relaxed life with Coco. I hope he lives a long life.”

That’s why that day was so painful.

That day was a chilly morning in Cameron Highland.
I still remember it vividly. My husband went outside and called me loudly.
As I was about to respond and go outside, my husband rushed in from outside and said,

“Coco is dead!”

My heart seemed to leap into my throat.

“Are you joking? Maybe he’s just sleeping, right?”

I went outside to check. There, I found Coco, stiff and lifeless.

“Coco! Coco!”

I could only call out his name. Even now, thinking about it makes my heart ache.
I can’t bear to look at photos because it almost brings tears to my eyes.

It was such a cold morning. I wonder if he felt lonely and passed away in the cold.
There were no visible injuries, not from a dog attack or anything like that.
His body remained beautiful, but his collar was missing.
To this day, I still don’t understand why. Maybe he ate something poisonous.

His life was so short, only one and a half years. It has been two years since Coco passed away.
I remember how cute it was when he used to jump onto my lap while I was working on the computer.
I was so happy when he would come running to me when I called him.
I wonder if Jojo remembers Coco.

Coco, I’ve always loved you so much.