Unity’s Embrace!

At Nowhereland, we also offer a selection of picture books.
You might already be aware from the ‘About’ page and the content in the ‘Flowers’ category, but Nowhereland is run by a husband and wife duo.
My husband comes from a lineage of flower farmers, and I assist in that work, but in addition to that, I’m also engaged in artistic activities.

I handle tasks like managing the online flower shop, social media, and blog posts including comics on this website.
I’ve published five picture books and currently have an ongoing poetry and art series in a newspaper.

I’m looking forward to sharing my poetry and artwork as I go along, so please stay tuned! ☺️

Now, the main topic I’d like to discuss today is one of the five books I’ve published, titled ‘The Yellow Lion and the Blue Lion.’ The first edition in English was published in 2015, and a Malay version was released in 2021.
It might be a bit complicated, but even though it was the third book to be published out of my five, it was actually the very first story I ever created.
It’s a picture book that holds a lot of sentimental value for me. ☺️

The story’s core message is this:

‘Collaborating and combining our strengths produce wonderful results, far better than harboring resentment and pushing each other down.’

When expressed this way, it might sound like a common and overused phrase that simply passes through the mind.
However, to me, this message holds immense importance, as it’s the lesson I most want to impart to children.”

Synopsis: In a land where two kings reign, one possessing the power of heat and known as the Sun Lion, and the other commanding the power of water and named the Water Lion, a tale unfolds. Both kings are strong, impressive, and proud rulers. The animals of the respective forests they govern can’t help but wonder, “Which king is mightier?”

From this simple question, a battle between the two kings ignites, drawing the creatures of the forest into a tumultuous affair. As their rivalry escalates, the harmony of the woodland is thrown into chaos…

In a more light-hearted rendition, this narrative carries an anti-war message, a theme of profound gravity.
However, its target audience is the children who are poised to live in the future.
To make it relatable to them, a host of lovable animals with approachable and whimsical traits are introduced throughout the tale.
Through these characters, my hope is that the children reading this story will come to grasp the futility of conflict and the splendor of harmony.
This book was crafted with that intention in mind.

Presently, the Malay version is available for purchase through our online shop. How about considering it for your own children, nieces, nephews, or young ones you know?

** Click here for the link to purchase the book.

May it reach as many children as possible, even just one!