The Never-ending Cleanup

I apologize for the delay; things have been quite hectic recently.

On a more personal note, thanks to everyone, our children are growing up wonderfully. As they grow, their worlds naturally expand. They seek connections with the outside world and crave their own spaces. It’s a natural progression.

As parents, what we can do is not just mold our children into individuals but also provide an environment for them to thrive in as they grow.
In other words, our children recently expressed the desire for ‘their own rooms.’ 😅
Until now, in our minds, they were still little ones (though they are still little, the eldest is entering adolescence, but that’s another story).
Essentially, everything in the house was shared. The little ones slept together in the same room with beds lined up, and the furniture and belongings were scattered across various rooms.

Well, it’s almost the end of the year, a good opportunity, so let’s clean up and create individual rooms for everyone!

And so, the big cleanup began.
We moved all the furniture, dusted, and rearranged. It’s quite a time-consuming task.
In the process of creating separate rooms, we realized we lacked shelves and study desks.
My (wife’s) studio exists, but there’s no designated workspace for my husband, so let’s take this chance to set that up. We also need to buy chairs, and oh, we must get a closet.

Alright, let’s go to IKEA!

Everyone loves IKEA. The prices are reasonable, and the designs are simple, making it easy to choose. Living in the mountains, we headed to IKEA after several years.
Oh, shopping was so much fun! We did spend quite a bit of money, but it’s necessary expenses, we reminded ourselves.

We put a lot of effort into creating the children’s rooms, my husband’s workspace, and organizing the studio, so I’d love to show all the pictures, but it feels a bit awkward to share too much of our private space. (There’s also the fact that it’s not as luxurious as it might seem.)
However, since having no pictures might make the story a bit dull, here’s just one. It’s a photo of the shelf in my studio.

I apologize for the ordinary shelf 😂 (I can almost hear voices saying it’s a waste of space).