Go to the Market!

Though it’s a short notice, We are planning to descend the mountain.
Yes, we’re going to participate in the market.

We are flower farmers from Cameron Highlands.

The so-called local florists in the town/city offer benefits to customers such as:

  • A wide variety of flowers.
  • Creating beautiful bouquets and arrangements.

In Kuala Lumpur, there are truly stylish and wonderful florists out there.
(Really, cities have everything, so convenient!)

On the other hands, if the flower farmers like us were to sell flowers in the city, customers would benefit in several ways:

  1. Flowers are incredibly fresh (picked right from the field) → Meaning they stay vibrant and last longer.
  2. No middlemen involved → Lower prices.

In the current online flower shop, Nowhereland, the process involves receiving orders and then harvesting and shipping the flowers.
Of course, various efforts are made to send the flowers in a fresh state, and thankfully, we’ve received many comments like ‘the flowers are fresh and beautiful’ (please peek the actual shop ☺️).


We had that thought, so we’ve started exploring potential markets to join.
Considering the trip from Cameron, there’s the aspect of arranging childcare and finding someone to manage the field.
Moreover, since our products involve fresh flowers, committing for several days at this point seems a bit challenging.

Primarily, we’re curious about the actual vibe of the event and we’d love to connect with fellow vendors to hear their experiences.

Long story short, we’ve decided to take part in the “Picnic Indulgence” event shown in the picture.
If you’re around the area or simply intrigued by Nowhereland’s flowers, feel free to drop by.
We will be there(The School 10am-6pm) on Sunday, September 20th. Looking forward to it! ☺️